TR19 Kitchen Grease Ventilation Deep Cleaning & Certification

TR19 Kitchen Grease Ventilation Deep Cleaning & Certification Specialists

Wharfedale Eco Cleaning Ltd provide a complete kitchen duct cleaning service that is compliant to TR19 standards, which is the guidance document issued by BESA. It is essential that your kitchen extraction system meets the cleanliness requirements set out in TR19.

​Risks of having a unclean duct / extraction system

Within commercial kitchens, extraction systems remove steam and smoke from the air and this ensures a much healthier, pleasant and efficient environment for staff and customer alike. However, because the air extracted from kitchens contains grease, this settles within the extraction grease filters, canopy, ducting and on the extractor fan.

Over time grease build up causes the extraction system to become less efficent and if left too long can cause your working environment to become unbearable. Grease build up on the fan and on the fan housing can also restrict the smooth working of the fan causing it to slow or even fail altogether. Grease build up is flammable and it is possible for a spark from a failing fan system or fire from a frying pan to ignite this grease.

If there is a fire within your ducting or in any part of your kitchen, most insurers will request to see your TR19 certification. If you cant prove that your extraction system has been cleaned by an BESA VHR accredited contractor working within the agreed timescales set out by TR19, your insurance may be void.

​Why choose Wharfedale Eco Cleaning Ltd?

– Our team are fully trained to install access hatches where required in your extraction ductwork, to gain full access.
– We are fully insured to clean commercial extraction systems and are accredited members of the TR19 BESA VHR.
– We offer a 24hr service, so the work can be carried out at the best time to suit your business.
– We provide a post clean verification report which documents the systems pre and post micron readings, before/after pictures, recommended cleaning frequency, any other recommendations and TR19 certification on completion of cleaning, which will prove your system has been cleaned to TR/19 standards.
– We offer a ​free ​survey of your extraction system, then will provide a no obligation quote.

TR19 Kitchen Grease Ventilation Deep Cleaning
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