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Only £4.50 Per Month!

Wheelie bins inevitabily collect dirt and grime which result in a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. These can soon start to emit offensive smells and can also become a health hazard. Neglected bins can harbour parasites and other unpleasant vermin.
Wharfedale Eco Cleaning provide a monthy wheelie bin cleaning service, at your property for only £4.50 per month.  After your bin has been emptied,  we pressure wash your bin inside and out , dispose of any waste water within  our purpose built vehicle, dry your bin and spray it with our re-freshing deoderiser disinfectant, so your bin will be clean as ever and will smell as good as new.

  1. Option 1 £54.00
    12 Cleans 1 Clean per month (1 Years protection)
  2. Option 3 £27.00
    6 Cleans 1 Clean per month (6 Months protection)
  3. Option 5 £13.50
    3 Cleans 1 Clean per month (3 Months protection)
  4. Option 2 £72.00
    As Option 1,+ 4 Cleans of your recycle bin
  5. Option 4 £36.00
    As Option 3, + 2 Cleans of your recycle bin
  6. Option 6 £18.00
    As Option 5, + 1 Clean of your recycle bin
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LS19 - Rawdon, Yeadon
LS20 - Guiseley, Hawksworth
LS29 - Addingham, Ilkley, Burly in Wharfedale, Menston
BD6 - Odsal, Wibsey
BD7 - Horton bank top
BD12 - Low moor
BD13 - Queensbury, Denholme, Cullingworth
BD14 - Clayton
BD15 - Wilsden, Allerton, Cullingworth
BD16 - Bingley, Eldwick, Harden
BD17 - Baildon
BD18 - Shipley, Saltaire
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